Second Grade Learning Targets

2nd Grade Learning Targets

Comprehension:Makes predictions based on text, pictures, and graphics.
Reads fluently and accurately with appropriate pacing and expression.

Literary Text:
Identifies and describes setting,characters and problems
Retells the sequence of events and includes supporting details
Answers questions about information found directly in the text
Makes connections between text to text, and text to self.

Informational Text and Research
Ask and answers relevant questions
Follows one step and two step written directions
Knows and uses various text features
Identifies the main topic of a multiparagraph  text

Text Level
By the end of 2nd grade students need to be at a level 28


Writing Process
Creates a legible piece of writing
Organizes writing ina meaningful structure
Writes an opinion piece and supports with an example-with adult support
Writes informative text including facts and conclusion with adult support
Writes narrative about events including details
Makes revisions to strengthen writing

Capitalizes correctly including proper nouns
Spells 2nd grade priority words
Uses common spelling patterns
Edits with assistance for grammar,usage and mechanics 


Operations and Algebraic thinking:
Represents/solves addition and subtraction story problems within 100 
Knows from memory addition facts to 20
Knows from memory subtraction facts from 20
Determines whether a number is odd or even
Uses repeated addition (up to 5 addends)

Number Operations in Base 10
Understands, reads, and writes numbers to 1,000
Compares numbers to 1,000 using >,=,<
Skips counts by 5's, 10's, and 100's within 1,000 
Uses place value understanding to add/subtract 2 digit numbers

Measurement and Data:
Measures, estimates, and uses lengths (in, ft, cm, m)
Knows the value of coins and bills
Solves problems using "dollars" and "cents" correctly
Tells/Writes time to the nearest 5 mins (digital/analog and am/pm)
Represents and uses data on a line plots, picture graphs and bar graphs

Partitions a rectangle into a given number of rows and columns
Understands halves, thirds and fourths
Recognizes and draws 2D and 3D shapes

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