Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of week one!

Hi Families!   
We have reached the end of our 4 day week!  Next week we come all 5 days !!! 
We’ve been busy with building a safe, trusting classroom community and learning LOTS of routines.  Lots of greeting games and sharing.  We know lots about our classmates now.  Routines are important and the time spent learning to…. walk in the hall, come to the circle, take care of materials, etc…. will help ensure a smooth running, no surprises classroom in the months ahead.

We’ve been to most of our specials…
We have ( or will have)
music on Mondays
computer, library and gym on Thursdays
and art on Fridays.

We have tiny caterpillars in our classroom and will begin our insect study next week.  It was exciting to see the little creatures up close.

The second grade team is excited about Skillin’s Academic Open House on September 18th . (This is Thursday!)  Families AND students are all invited to this evening!  You’ll receive info about the academic expectations for your second grader and your second grader will lead you through some of our day.  I truly hope you’ll join us.  

Homework will officially begin next week but…let’s start now!  Reading at home is so important!  Reading with your child builds skill, confidence and closeness!  It is the very best gift you can give your 2nd grader!   Research shows that 20 minutes of reading each day is valuable.  Our “100 Minute Reading Club” form allows your family to quickly record the number of minutes read at home each day/week.  Please return this form every Thursday for stickers and celebration!

Susan King

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